A partnership is an arrangement in which two or more individuals share the profit and liabilities of a business venture. God is ever ready to come into a partnership agreement with whosoever is willing. He made a clarion call in Isaiah 1:18, asking mankind to come, and reason together. In partnership, the parties involved must have something to offer. In this scripture, God is ready to accept past sins and in return give His salvation and holy living. He is ready to accept his dirty and ugly past and in return give him a clean and beautiful future. His thought is to give a good, peaceful, and expected future to those who will come to Him (Jeremiah 29:11). Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry also admonished those under the oppression and depression of heavy laden to come to the divine partnership of ease and rest with Him (Matthew 11:28).

This kind of association with God brings about the divine substitution. The Lord will take your shame, hardship, worries, and your life challenges and instead give you, honor, ease, peace, a solution, a high-yielding lifestyle, and a way to a prosperous living. Above all, He will give you the hope of eternal life.

In partnership agreements, cooperation is key. No wonder the Lord asks a question in Amos 3:3 that “can two walk together, except they are agreed”? To walk with God, you must be willing to agree to His terms and conditions and to go all the way with Him. Sincerity, openness, and integrity of purpose are required to walk with God. When you fall short or make errors in your relationship with God, all you need is to quickly realize it, confess the sins, and make a u-turn in genuine repentance (I John 1:9). You must agree that God should be the senior partner of your life and He will surely navigate you to your ultimate destination; reigning with Him eternally.

Another factor of a partnership is the terms of the agreement. Although God is the Almighty, He is just enough not to impose Himself on any soul. God desires you to be willing. God has given mankind the choice to serve Him or not, life or eternal death (Deut.30:19). Whichever direction you choose, there is a reward of eternal life or eternal damnation. Please choose life in Christ that you might live eternally.

The partnership also involves the person who manages the day-to-day operation of the venture. Your life is a venture that must yield profit to you, God, and the generations after you. You are destined to bear fruit and for your fruits to abide, to outlive you. I trust the Lord that barrenness will no more have a place in your life. Learn to hand over your situations and affairs to God (Proverb 3:5). Watch trustingly as He supernaturally turns your gory to glory.

Peter partnered his fishing boat with the Lord and he experienced a net-breaking blessing (Luke 5:6). If you can partner your life, finance, mental and emotional well-being, desires, expectations, and ambitions to the Lord, He will surely make you wonder. There are No liabilities, shortages, or regret in partnering with God. It is a win-win affair!
May this month mark a new beginning of divine partnership experience in your life.

Happy New Month.